Stealth for Men Review

When I first heard of Stealth for Men, I was skeptical but decided to try it anyway. I quickly came to learn that this product lives up to its claims. Not only do you feel a greater sense of pride (and endowment) when wearing it but you also get the attention of many others!

Stealth Innerwear’s unique design consists of three parts: the penis sheath (along your shaft), c-ring (under your balls) and silicone bead (behind your penis head). It provides you with three main benefits…

Male enhancement: Wearing it instantly increases and length to give you a large and robust looking package. It’s built in “C-ring” lifts and pushes your package forward, and its sheath provides the extra thickness and length. I love how it can be conveniently worn under any clothing, underwear or swimwear to make you look even better than you already do.

Anti-turtling: Some guys experience extreme shrinkage in situations where they are cold or nervous. It can also happen during physical activity such as working out. This is known as turtling and it can have a negative effect on your confidence. Stealth’s silicone bead is securely fitted behind your penis head to prevent it from turtling back inside. When worn regularly, it will actually train your penis to stop turtling even when you’re not wearing it.

Extension training: Stealth lightly stretches your penis while you wear it. Basically over time, it increases your flaccid length, and turns you from a “grow-er” into a “show-er”.

Those are some pretty great benefits for $35!

A lot of people ask me if Stealth is comfortable. It might take a few hours to get used to the feeling of wearing something on your penis, but after that you barely notice it. I’m wearing Stealth right now and I don’t feel anything except that I have a larger package. Also it does not interfere with urination, so there’s no inconvenience of having to take it off every time you go to the washroom. The material is flexible and accommodates spontaneous erections as well.

When you purchase the Stealth Innerwear, they also include three extra accessories for free: 1. Skin, 2. Jacket, and 3. Retainer Band.

The jacket and Skin are separate pieces that can be worn together in layers with Stealth Innerwear, but can also be worn individually. These extra layers work together to give you a longer extension, fatter girth and better durability. The Retainer Band is made of silicone and can be worn to prevent slippage and maintain engorgement of the penis.

I am a big fan of the Stealth Innerwear and I think you will be too. It certainly is a product you will find yourself quickly adapting to. It is not hard to put on, but you must make sure that you measure yourself properly so that you get the right length and circumference. And even if you’re already pretty large, like myself, this product is great for soft times at the gym and definitely good for those cold days when shrinkage occurs! This is a GREAT product and I can assure you that you will be a happy camper when you wear it!

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